Football Programmes

For over 50 years now the programme has been as much a part of the matchday experience as squeezing through a rusty turnstile. It wouldn't be quite the same without flipping it over and checking the back page for the team line-ups, or reading the manager's excuses for the week before's away defeat or his hopes for what will happen that day.

Programmes from before 1960 are collectors items of some value, in reality though of little substance. An introduction by the "editor", a few snippets of news, half a page on the opposition, the line-ups and the stats for the season so far was pretty much all you got until the mid to late sixties when clubs realised that programmes were in great demand by the fans and that they could cash in on the selling of them. Since then programmes have grown and grown to a point where today's programmes often feature 70 plus pages.

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The Future

The future of this project is to try and get programme collectors from other clubs to run a site similar to this. We will do the development and they will run the site and fulfil the orders. This way we can link the databases to create a huge collection of programmes from every club.

If you are a collector with a large surplus of programmes and are sick of re-listing on eBay, then contact us or click here for more information on how we can work together to build the worlds biggest and most comprehensive collection of football programmes.

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